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I’ve been inspired to make some hand puppets. These are a couple illustrations I have made so far and I’m having a lot of fun with this project. I’ll be posting more progress as it comes along. Enjoy :)

I never updated here but in December I taught my first Skillshare class! I’ve been using Skillshare for about a year and a half now and It’s a great community of artists. I’ve learned a lot on Skillshare and I figured it was time I tried to give a little back into the community. If interested you can take my class here!


In honor of #nationalfastfoodday I wanted to create a Thanksgiving homage to McDonald’s Cjicken McNugget toys. The McNugget toys are my all time favorite fast food toy! They briefly came back when I was in high school but the quality was much crappier. The designs were still awesome tho! Anyways I present to you my McNuggets

The last few days have been really weird and so I created this little piece to remind myself and everyone else Hey! At least we still have ice cream. I made this piece for National Sundae Day. Hope you like it

Today is National Deviled Eggs Day! I had fun with this piece. I was experimenting around with pattern strokes in Adobe Illustrator and I really love them. Hope you have a spicy day :)

Hope everybody had a Happy Halloween and ate a ton of candy! I’ve had one hell of a sugar buzz all day today. I wanted to force myself to try working with a limited color palette for this piece and I’m really pleased with the way it came out. Hope you like it and welcome to November!